Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cock Safari
w/ Dead (Vic) & Cistern Corrupt

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Under The Rostrum: Why the fuck #1: Cock Safari

Under The Rostrum: Why the fuck #1: Cock Safari: "In the first of a new series, I ask Michael from Newcastle's Cock Safari five questions (actually, seven) that begin with 'why the fuck'. Th..."

Thursday, September 23, 2010

$ound $ummit

I couldn't post the original flyer because of my strict copyright ethics (and because nobody scanned it), so I made another one. It's better in my opinion

from the soundsummit website
  • This Is Not Art Showcase Gig
    7.30pm – 2.00am: Performance
    Cambridge Hotel (789 Hunter St, Newcastle West)

    Performers: Jason Forrest (USA), Tantrums (Vic), Scattered Order, No Anchor (Qld), Geodesic Domes, PA, Chris Cerrito, Cock Safari, Black Math

    Premier local, national and international acts from Sound Summit and Electrofringe programs showcased over two nights. Tickets each night $12 +BF presale / $15 on the door / $20 +BF two night festival pass (presale only) from www.moshtix.com, The Cambridge Hotel and 1300 GET TIX.

I'll be on at 8.30pmsih

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cock Safari / Prehistoric Fuckin Moron(s) c44

Split cassette is now available. Full colour cases.
$5.00pp in Oz. $7.00pp every where else.


^^click me, i'm huge^^

**Less In A Piano - 834 KB
**Fill Her Up With Gas - 2 MB

Trades considered.
email cocksafari(at)gmail.com

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

BRASSSKULLS - serial space. Sydney 07102008 -
I think this was with birchville cat motel(nz) and antony milton(nz)

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Here is the cock safari set from the 30th of May. Enjoy

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Prehistoric Fuckin' Moron(s) split c44

In typically typical Newcastle fashion our cassettes were lost in a dodgy game of skip Cole along the foreshore. The fellow putting out the cassette (let's call him Jason for stories sake, if nothing else) has a gambling problem and will bet on anything from three-legged dog races to when is the red light going to turn green to whens that howling wind going to blow that bus bay away.

Anyways apparently he made a bogus bet that he could skip a piece of Cole from the shore of Newcastle to Stockton beach with our split cassettes as collateral. Obviously he lost them and they are being melted into cheap adhesive, so we're going to have to wait another week or so to get some more. But here are a couple of safari teasers from it to tie you over til...

++ Less In A Piano
++ Fill Her Up With Gas