Thursday, August 18, 2011

Review's are always a treat

I wonder if she orgasm'd enough.....Report · 4:53pmomg thats the weirdest thing ive eva seen :p.Report · 4:54pmI am really wondering what the hell she's doing. .Report · 4:54pmyeh on drugs and happy.Report · 4:55pmObviously!So what time is it where you are at?.Report · 4:55pm5pmmwhere ru from again?.Report · 4:55pmMichigan. holy crap, it's like 3am here..Report · 4:55pmohlolsomg wanna see sumtihng siccckk?say yes.Report · 4:57pmuhhhhhhh. what is sick?.Report ·


4:57pm · 4:58pmoh god I'm scared......Report · 4:58pmjust watch. its not that bad actually, tell ur mom n dad to come n watch it.Report · 5:00pmMy mom would probably laugh she's a sicko. But what the hell how can someone go that long.....wouldn't they get blue balls?God those balls are the size of my head.Report · 5:02pmi kno i kno.Report · 5:02pmI'm scared:'(.Report · 5:03pmloslolsomg how can that dude walk around like that? for 30 yrs... O.o.Report · 5:03pmYeah and how could he wear pants or sit.....Report · 5:04pmyehew imagine wat itd be like to not cum for 30 years and then hav it happeni'd be freaking out lol.Report · 5:05pmDoes that mean he's never had sex?.Report · 5:05pmprobsew like me ew ew .Report · 5:06pmLose it! You don't wanna be like that guy!.Report · 5:06pmoh... maybe i do.Report · 5:06pmOr maybe you do that could be fun too!.Report · 5:07pmyeh man.